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Community Matters

My roots are deep in Burlington. I was raised and work here.

Not surprisingly, I’ve always had a burning desire to serve this community.

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Opportunities to Engage

Burlington is a remarkable place. Like all of Halton, though, change has been constant.

With change, we must be mindful about protecting and enhancing our quality of life.  It’s vitally important for you and me to stay informed, and get involved.

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Planning for Tomorrow

Change must be carefully managed in this inter-connected world.

The City and Region strive to make local decisions which are fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible. It’s not easy balancing those interests when spending taxpayer dollars.

The land-use strategy under Burlington’s Official Plan is a valuable part of that process. However, if its rules get bent and broken, the Official Plan can merely become the Official Suggestion.

City Council’s Strategic Plan must also be a workable guide to identify and support community priorities. Nice platitudes and blurry generalizations are not useful.

Measurable outcomes are fundamentally important. After all, without clear targets, how can you take intentional steps towards hitting them?

Planning Depends on Vision

To plan better, Burlington needs to keep a sharp focus on its longer-term vision. Clarity matters. 

A collective vision should be broad, bold and inclusive. That means including early, constructive and ongoing dialogues directly between Council and residents.

Economic development, intensification, aging population, aging infrastructure, green spaces, waterfront, roads, traffic, transit, health care, education, recreation, culture, and more.

What troubles you? What excites you?  

What’s your vision of future Burlington look like?

Leading the Way

Citizens and other local stakeholders hold the key to unlocking our community’s full potential.

We need to share our visions, ideas and concerns with local political leaders– so we can help shape the path being taken by our Wards, City and Region.

Let’s keep a watchful eye on what's going on, and speak up about where we’re headed.

Burlington has changed – and that change is continuing, and accelerating. Now, more than ever, so much depends on you.

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